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Evento moltiplicatore PbC | Berlino | Sessione 2

Valutazione dinamica nell'apprendimento integrato di contenuti e lingua e oltre – Guardando al futuro della creatività nell'insegnamento e nell'apprendimento

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Evento moltiplicatore PbC | Berlino | Sessione 2
Evento moltiplicatore PbC | Berlino | Sessione 2

Orario & Sede

26 ago 2021, 14:00 – 16:45 CEST

Strumento per conferenze zoom


Info sull'evento

On 26th of August 2021, the project consortium of Playing beyond CLIL ( invites educational stakeholders – teachers, school leaders, teacher educators and school administrators – to take part in our Multiplier Event to celebrate the completion of our three-year Erasmus+ project. We will offer two identical sessions for you to choose from 10:00 - 12:45 and 14:00 - 16:45 (CEST).

Playing beyond CLIL (PbC) is all about the application of dynamic assessment in CLIL contexts and beyond. It provides fresh and innovative perspectives on dynamic assessment based on the pluriliteracies approach to Learning in CLIL and on interactive classroom methods inspired by drama pedagogy.

At its very core, PbC offers a teaching model that we call “Show-What-You-Know Events” - a selection of highly creative formats for learners to engage in curricular projects through interactive problem-solving. Learners prepare performative and entertaining Show-What-You-Know Events (SWYK) bring them to their school community and even the wider public.

The Multiplier Event will offer you

-  an introduction to the basics of dynamic assessment in CLIL

-  opportunities to familiarise yourself with the design principles of SWYK Learning Events

-  a guided tour of the extensive PbC-Toolkit for teachers, including options how to work with SWYK-Events on the screen and in distance learning

-  an open space for feedback and exchange with PbC experts

-  opportunities to connect with the international PbC community (colleagues and schools) and find partners for collaborative implementation of the PbC-approach in your school or classroom.

The video link will be published one week before the event.

Please share this information within your professional networks and individuals who will take an interest in innovative CLIL classroom teaching and beyond.

Best wishes on behalf of the Playing beyond CLIL project team

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